Wayne’s Shame

I remember discussing his fury 5 years ago. Some things just don’t change do they. July 1st, 2006, Rooney was sent off in the World Cup Quarter-finals against Portugal for a stamp on Ricardo Carvalho which could be interpreted as England’s downfall for going out that night in Germany. Now, 3752 days, 63 Months, and 5 years on, the same scene has been replicated.
Last night, in Montenegro, as England slumped to a 2-2 draw, Wayne Rooney’s ability to control his alreadyvicious temperament took another damaging blow as he lashed out at Dzudovic. As he trudged off the pitch, Capello’s mind began to wonder what more can possibly be thrown at him before the Euro’s commence in 9 months time.
As for Rooney, in Germany 5 years back, the England fans were angry, rage filled, and dejected at his dismissal. But for the most part, it was understandable. He was 20 years old. A young lad who had really, only been on the scene for 3 years or so. Being thrown into the biggest football tournament in the world, clearly was too much for him. But now, at 25,and in his peak, yet he still hasn’t learnt. The mind boggles. It seemed that for the very first time in his career, he was learning. The berating of referees has calmed somewhat, as have the reckless tackles. He looked to be finding his feet again, since the incident at the DW last season where a frustrated Rooney shoved his elbow into an innocent Cleverly.
Wayne’s career so far, has held 480 appearances. He has scored 201 goals. The stats say it all. For my money, and the facts will give back up to this, that Rooney is the most talented footballer to come out of this country since Gascoigne. No-one doubts his ability, he has nothing to prove. So why is he seen as a villain and not a hero to the British public? That’s what a close source to Rooney said he doesn’t understand. Well, son, the answers last night.
It’s such a shame. And no, not because Euro 2012 and Fabio Capello’s last major championship as England Manager could now be jeopardised due to Rooney’s antics, but it’s the idol to kids that Wayne could be, but seems to consistantly produce reasons why he’s not. If he had the application that Messi has for Barcelona and Argentina, then he would be right up there with him. Maybe not in the way of technical ability, but in the sense that he would be just as much of an idol to young kids around the world, just like Lionel. But the application just isn’t there. He’ll never be loved by England fans like the greats were, and still are to this day, due to incidents like last night.


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