The Untouchables

For 40 years now, John Motson has graced our screens for World Cup’s, European Championships, Match of the Day commentarys, I could go on. The man is a living ledgend inside the BBC towers. ‘Motty’ is now 66 and I think we can all agree that he is getting on a bit. The Beeb wouldn’t dream of asking him to leave after the amount of time that he has served for them, and the memories that he has given the viewers. But is he becoming a bit tiresome? For me, he is in an elite few where commentating skills no longer enter the equation when it comes to being picked to report on a game or not. Stick Tyldesley in their with him and you have the 2 ‘powers’ of commentary in the 21st century. Had Barry Davies still been commentating then I’m sure he would be in that category also. Barry has been pushed to once side slightly by the BBC, as he no longer commentates on football (or at least very rarely). You could make the argument that Motson has to in a sense, due to him not reporting on live matches now, and only recorded games for the viewing of MOTD.
As for Tyldesley, it has been well documented that Clive’s commentating skills went out the window, down the road, and into another Galaxy along time ago. Many ITV collegues of his would state that despite the number of Champions League and FA Cup ties he is given, the number of complaints from the public about his incompetence to name players, facts about players, plus many more flaws, the number of tellings off from the viewer that ITV get, has only risen in the last 3-5 years or so. There is no logical reason why Clive should still be commentating on live games. He allegedly has many so called ‘friends’ in ITV that keep him in his job, which is no suprise to the regular customer that ITV draws in.
I can see where people would argue with me though. Everyone thought that before January 25th this year, Richard Keys and Andy Gray were untouchable at Sky. Andy’s touchscreen gadget was the final straw for me that he was being treated like royalty their. But as more and more people from inside Sky began to speak out about the pairs behaviour over their 20 year career, it became apparent to them as well as us, that no matter how big your boots are, your job is never safe. So for my sake, as well as yours, I hope those 2 don’t get another commentary/presenting job for a while. Leave them at talksport and they’ll be fine.
The likelyhood of Motson or Tyldesley making sexest comments off air, followed by several more videos of them doing the same thing, seems a long shot. For one, look at the people Motson is around. I doubt that conversation comes up with him and Steve Claridge over a cup of coffee on 606 whilst Chappers looks on in dismay.
My point is, Motson and Tyldesley have done a lot for their respective TV channels. But surely it’s time for them to move on, and let a young, hungry commentator come up through the ranks at BBC, and get their chance to become the new ‘Motty’. I don’t dislike either one of them, I just feel that their job description, is not met with the quality that is neccessary for such a main stream channel.


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I am a wannabee sports journalist and my main sports that i tend to write about are football, cycling, tennis and cricket
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