The Football Ramble, The Lads!

The Football Ramble! Incase you didn’t know, the football ramble is 4 blokes, who know jack-all about football and all support idiotic clubs. Oh wait, thats the Football Weekly.

The Football Ramble line-up consists of Marcus Speller. The level headed host of the show who keeps everyone in check. A bit of a Gary Lineker type character who was very calm and collected but also leads from the front. However their is one fundimental difference between Speller and Lineker other than the footballing ability that Marcus has and Gary doesn’t, is the ears. I think Lineker’s ears are considerably bigger. The shows John Dorian, his witty humour holds the show together with the scruff of his neck.

Lukey Moore (Derby County Striker). Luke Moore is the joker of the group. The Joey Tribiani of the Ramble. I think the only way I can some Luke up is by saying “His got a MySpace page”! I’ve looked but have not found such a page…… The Pompey fan who swims in his own confidence yet when talking about his beloved club, it seems to sink out of him, Moore has the most knowledge out of the 4 and uses that to outwit his fellow team-mates!

Pete Donaldson. Pete has had some great one liners. For more recent viewers, in last weeks show he exclaimed, “I quoted Hitler earlier and nobody noticed, Goodbye!” I laughed into obscurity when he made this point. I love the way that the other lads, after everything great a footballer does, it is refered to as “Donaldson-esc”. Beautiful. Pete’s Newcastle are doing well however Donaldson doesn’t seem to have much good to say about his team and prefers to look upon Mike Ashley as someone who just likes to “casino time” his way around Earth. I love Pete’s quote after Newcastle were promoted last season when asked if they were going to have an open top bus, Pete decided to say “I think Ashley will have an Open top Buffet”.

And last but certainely not least it’s that Gunnersaurius James or Jim Campbell! I will squirm past the fact that Jimmy Campbell is an Arsenal fan, although being a Spurs fan myself, I can’t promise on being down the middle. No doubt James’ highest acolade is his ability to do the best Andy Gray impression in the whole of Edinborough. Not coming across as your “typical Arsenal fan”, James also has some delish one liners in which he uses to perfection. When talking about Andy Gray he replied “It’s drinking on the job innit”!


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I am a wannabee sports journalist and my main sports that i tend to write about are football, cycling, tennis and cricket
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