Blackpool vs Manchester United Preview

Will Ian Holloway be celebrating come half 9 Tonight?

A cracking encounter at Bloomfield Road will take place tonight as the Tangerine army take on the favourites for the Premier League title. There will no doubt be a hostile atmosphere at the Road in which Holloway’s men will look to overcome the Red Devils all stars. The difference in budget’s between these two is absoloutely second to none and if Ian pulls this off then it really could set Blackpool up for a survival run in. However Ferguson knows what’s coming and will warn his players that Holloway will not send out his team to defend. Not that the Utd players need any telling as it’s pretty obvious what the players in orange will try and do. Outscore United.

In my opinion, I think United have far too much quality over Blackpool however the attacking threat of the Blackpool players will certainely cause Ferguson’s sterdy defence some problems. Theres no doubt that DJ Campbell has pace and could outpace Ferdinand or Vidic at any one time. But with the pace of Nani and Evra down the flanks, the Blackpool full-backs will have a torrid night on their hands, especially the right back whether its Crainey or Baptiste. Evra and Giggs are both quality attacking players and so Patrice could definately find a lot of space out on that left hand side.

On the rest of the season for both sides (considering I won’t be doing week-end previews anymore), I have to say that United will run away with the title. I said it at the start of the season and I still can’t see any other winner. The only way I can put it from my view is this. If you look at every game at the start of the season, NOW, and then added up all of the points, United would have won the league. They are the only team in the league, at this time, that you can see winning every game, or atleast not losing.

Blackpool have had an amazing 22 games and have done themselves a huge favour by only having to win 4 of their last 16 games to get to the magical 40. However that’s easier said than done. I always say that Blackpool will go down. I’m turning a corner by saying that there’s a possibility of them staying up but it’s still going to be unbelievably tough to motivate the side, especially if their main man Charlie Adam goes to the red side of Merseyside. I think they will marginely go down which will be a shame.

Tonight, United will dominate in both defence and attack, I think there will be fireworks and a great attacking game. I really hope I’m not let down and that this game lives up to expectations. Manchester to dominate but Blackpool to fight for their lives and have increasing levels of resiliance and spirit. Maybe take the lead and then go behind but remarkably salvage a point. 2-2


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