Premier League Preview: Week 17

I won’t be doing Manchester United vs Arsenal preview as it is the Monday Night game, despite it being a huge encounter but I will go for a United win anyway. 2-1 to the Red Devils.


15:00: Aston Villa vs West Brom. This is without doubt, Gerard Houllier’s defining game. If they lose this, Villa fans will start to turn on the manager. He has only picked up 2 league wins and they were against Wolves and a reserve Blackpool side so he is struggling to settle in to life back in the Premier League. I was backing Houllier as I thought he could turn it around however, now, with him losing to Birmingham and Liverpool in very average manners, I can’t see any spark in the side. West Brom on the other hand, are on the up. With League wins over Newcastle and Everton, and scoring 7 goals in they process, they are doing terrific and playing birlliant football in the process. Peter Odemwingie at the heart of the side, scoring 2 more goals in their 3-1 victory against Newcastle, is a very promising talent. I think this will be tight but I’m going to go for a suprise Albion win. 1-2

15:00: Everton vs Wigan. Everton redeemed themselves after a terrible 4-1 defeat at home to Albion, they got a great point against Chelsea and you could tell by David Moyes’ interview after the game that he knew his side should have won. That’s how bad Chelsea are playing at the moment, the fact that sides like Everton “should” be winning at Stamford Bridge is incredible when you think that 6 weeks ago, it would be a good performance if you got beat by Chelsea 2-0. Wigan endured a thriller with Stoke last week-end! Everyone, myself included, expected that game to have no more than a goal, but a 2-2 draw was nothing short of entertainment. However, Wigan need to turn those draws into wins to get out of the bottom 3. Both sides will look for wins here but I will go for a draw. 1-1.

15:00: Fulham vs Sunderland. Fulham really have to start worrying about their position in the table. They don’t have anybody that can score goals, at least not until Zamora returns. Dempsey has stepped up to the plate and Diomansy Kamara looked sharp against Arsenal but he still didn’t convert his 3 1 on 1 opportunity’s. Sunderland were certainely not at their best last week-end against the Hammers but they got the win, and as I’ve said many times, ” That’s what good sides do”. I think that a downfall for Steve Bruce’s side would have been if they went on a carling cup run. That definately would have effected their form in the Prem but they haven’t, which I think is a good thing for them. This will be tight so unfortunately, I may have to go for another draw. 1-1.

15:00: Stoke vs Blackpool. Stoke were involed in a very good game against Wigan last time out , in which they will probably be happy with a draw from although they could have quite easily nicked it. They look like they are going to have another “mid-table” season. By that I mean, 9th-14th. Boring for the fans? I think they would take it over being in a relegation scrap. Blackpool’s game was called off thanks to the fact that they cannot afford to buy undersoil heating which sounds ridiculous, they’re a Premier League club! Some League 1 sides have undersoil heating but none the less. It will effect them and they might be slow out of the blocks as they haven’t played for 2 weeks. I’ll go for a Blackpool win here as they seem to be amazing away from home. 1-2.

15:00: West Ham vs Manchester City. West Ham were beaten once again at the Stadium of Light and the scoreline didn’t reflect the game because they just didn’t pose any attacking threat whatsoever. I’d have David N’Gog over Carlton Cole every day of the week at the moment. Cole looks so disinterested, it would be a good deal to sell Cole for around 3 million quid in the January Transfer Window. Manchester City are showing that they COULD be title contenders, come the end of the season with another victory at home to Bolton. However, let me say ask you this as this is why I think they will struggle this season. Who scored for City against Bolton? Who is City’s top scorer so far this season? Who can’t play this week-end because it’s against his former club? Who is the only scorer that frequently nets for City? I rest my case. 2-2.

17:30: Newcastle vs Liverpool. What the hell is going on at Newcaslte! I don’t like to talk about the big matter of the week on this blog because I knew the people who read this know what happened, and what I will think about it. But I’m sorry, sacking Chris Hughton after he has got them up to 12th. People’s argument is, ” But they are 4 points from the relegation zone so saying they are 12th, doesn’t tell the real story”. That is a load of bull****. If he doesn’t get credit for getting them to 12th then Grant shouldn’t get cristicism for being bottom because he is only in 3 points off getting out of the relegation zone. Not much has happened to Liverpool. They did a job against Villa but they were facing a very poor side. I can see this being a Newcastle win and prove everyone wrong that Pardew is not a “terrible” manager liek people have said. 2-1 Jordies.

13:30: Bolton vs Blackburn. This is a pretty straight forward result for me to be honest but I’ll get to that in a minute. Bolton put up a good fight against City but didn’t get anything and got out of jail with the amount of goals they conceded. Still , that’s another attribute they have added. They may play poor, but they can hang in the game and had a couple of chances to criminally knick a point. Blackburn are just like Stoke. They won’t get into Europe, but they won’t be relegated. A bit boring really. They bounced back really well after the defeat to United 7-1. To score 3 goals against any team is a good feat for Rovers and it put a smile back on Allardyce’s face. That didn’t reflect the game and I actually thought Wolves deserved a point but thanks to Robinson they won the game, unbelievably, 3-0. This is straight forward for me. Bolton play great football, but can still outmuscle any side in the league so I will go for a Bolton win. 3-1 Wanderers.

13:30: Wolves vs Birmingham. Wolves were unlucky to be beaten by 3 goals against Rovers. It’s usually Blackburn on the wrong end of not scoring goals but it was the boys in gold on the wrong end of it last week-end. Birmingham battled back to produce a very decent second half performance against Spurs after they were terrible in the first half and just let Spurs dominate which you cannot afford to do considering the form that Spurs are in. They will want to win this and they definately have the resources to but I can see this being another draw. It will be a drawing wee-end in the Prem! 2-2.

Tottenham vs Chelsea. Spurs were in another amazing match in Europe in mid-week. Only, will you find a Champions League, 3-3 draw in the group stages when it is a so called “dead rubber” match. Tottenham had a secondary team out against Twente though so it didn’t show the real Spurs with no Modric, Van der Vaart and Huddlestone. They will score atleast 2 here, like they always do! But then again they will at least concede one aswell! Great to watch though, dare I say it, the best team to watch in the Prem! Chelsea were beaten AGAIN in mid-week but it was a dead rubber, so, you can’t really take any knowledge of Chelsea’s form, from that game. But they were very poor against Everton so you can take something from that. They now have gotten 2 points from 4 games in the Premier League which is just not on if you want to win the league. And they are teams that they should beat aswell when you look at the games against Birmingham, Sunderland, Newcastle and Everton. I will go for a Spurs win ehre as I don’t really know how to predict it so I will go on form basis. 2-1 Spurs.


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