Premier League Preview: Week 11


12:45: Bolton vs Tottenham. Well ,Well ,Well. What can I say about Spurs. I was there in mid-week and it was, by a million miles, the best Tottenham performance I’ve ever seen. Gareth Bale turned in the best individual display I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t just the fact that his crossing was sublime, but also the fact that the number of times he skimmed Maicon, who in himself is one of if not the best in the game at right back, the number of times Gareth picked up the ball and just took him apart must have been atleast 10 or 12. He was amazing. Then again don’t take away that it was a brilliant team performance. Modric and Van der Vaart were superb but an unsung hero for me was Younes Kaboul who played very well. Whenever he made a mistake, he mopped up. If Gallas or Ekotto (who also had a very good game), made an error, he would always be there to correct it. Excellent. Despite this unbelievable night at the lane, they need to keep their feet on the ground because if they don’t win the Champions League then they need to get into the top 4 in order to keep players like Gareth Bale, Van der Vaart and Modric alike. So this is a big game. Bolton were average against Liverpool and although they didn’t deserve to lose the game, they didn’t play aswell as Owen Coyle would have wanted them too. I’ll go for a draw here as I think Harry will give some of those players that played in mid-week, especially Bale, a bit of a rest. 1-1.

15:00: Birmingham vs West Ham. Birmingham did well to gain a point out of the Midlands derby at Villa Park. That’s 1 more point than I thought they’d take going there. McCleish, really does have a good, solid unit at St Andrews and I cannot see them losing to many games this season, it’s just whether they have the offensive attributes to be able to win games off of teams that will be in and around were they are. West Ham are one of those teams. The Hammers have recently produced a cup run and have got themselves into the Nobody Cares Cup…I mean the Carling Cup. They need to pick up points in the PL though, and fast, because otherwise, they could find themselves, rock bottom of the table and 8 or 10 points adrift of relegation safety. They’ll be right up for this one, in saying that, so will Birmingham. It’s a really tough one to call and I can definately see there being some hard tackels flying in. Carlton Cole needs to make more of an impact when playing as Piquionne and Barerra seem a lot more lively and look like they want the ball more. I’ll go with another draw. 1-1.

15:00: Blackburn vs Wigan. Blackburn caught Chelsea on a bad day last week-end although the Blues still battled through to win the game. Most of that result was down to the fact that Blackburn just don’t score many goals. If they had a Nicholas Anelka or Didier Drogba, they would have hit 3 or 4 past Chelsea, but they didn’t. Which, gives this match an extra spice as both teams lost last time out, Wigan were beaten at Craven Cottage by Fulham. Fulham deserved to win that although they didn’t really create much. There were only a couple of chances all game and they warranted goals, Dempsey taking them both very well. So Wigan need a victory however I don’t think they will get one here. They struggle on the road and Edwood Park is a really tough place to go. Here, I’ll go for a 2-0 Blackburn.

15:00: Blackpool vs Everton. Blackpool did not play their best against West Brom, by any stretch of the imagination, despite winning the game 2-1. If Albion didn’t go down to 9 men withing the first half hour, I think the Tangerines may have struggled with Brommies quality. In saying that, they won. That’s all Ian Holloway cares about. It’s still a dream for the Blackpool players, Holloway quoted a couple of weeks back “It’s liek a circus, my players are constantely wanting to swap shirts” and that just somes up what their time in the Premier League is going to be. Everton were scrapy but grinded out a win at Goodison when they met stoke last time. However, they were lucky because for once, Tony Pulis actually had something to moan about that needed a moan, Baines was not pushed by Tuncay and so that match should have ended a draw. Here though, an Everton win. 1-2

15:00: Fulham vs Aston Villa. Fulham did their job against Wigan. No more, no less, but that’s what you have to do in order to try and get were they want to finish this season which is into the top 10. Fulham will come out going for the win in this one but they have to make sure that they don’t get hit on the break by possibly the best counter attacking team in the Premier League, right now. That brings me to Villa. I was not a fan of Gerard Houllier’s appointment however I think, so far, he has done a very good job. The stats read that he only has 1 win in the Premier League since he came but when you look at the individual matches, he got a very good draw against Chelsea and he only lost to Spurs and Sunderland in which they probably deserved something out of both games. And too top that his got them to the quarter finals of the League Cup. So I don’t think Villa fans can complain. His only blip was ;ast week-end however I think that was just a blip. This is a very tough game though. 2-1 Fulham.

15:00: Manchester United vs Wolves. Man United overcame a very poor Bursaspor side in mid-week although nobody remembers that match because everyone was talking about Spurs however they did comfortabely win 3-0 with Obertan and Bebe scoring for United which will be encouraging for Sir Alex as he does want to bring through his youngsters. Wolves got a very crucial win over City and really you could see it coming because you could just tell, even before the match, that Wolves would want it more. Mick McCarthy’s side needed to get out the relegation zone and so therefore were right up for the match. On the other hand City thought they were going to roll over Wanderers. You can NEVER think that in the Barclays Premier League. United will win this. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if United won and whilst writing I’m actually going to go for a United win! 3-0.

15:00: Sunderland vs Stoke. Sunderland were truly thumped against Newcastle. There is no other words for it. They were completely and utterely taken apart. However that match was a one off and on the day, Newcastle wanted it more. Sunderland were caught off guard. They won’t be here though. They will be eager to come straight out of the blocks and give the Stadium of Light crowd what the want which is goals. Stoke were robbed last week-end and should have atleast got a draw although Tony Pulis does have to stop having excuses after every game his side loses, even if it’s acceptable to have a pop, liek in this case. They may get a draw here however I just think Sunderland have enough going forward to win. 1-0.


13:30: Arsenal vs Newcastle. Arsenal were lucky against West Ham and it took them until the 88th minute to score the goal that was so valuable. But maybe it was carma that they were beaten in mid-week because they played pretty well against Shaktar but were beaten. The opposite to what they did at the Emirates against The Hammers. They SHOULD beat Newcastle easily here but then again they SHOULD have beaten West Ham, Birmingham and West Brom comfortabely too but were lucky in all 3. Newcastle were outstanding against Sunderland. Andy Caroll was superb. The great thing about him is that, his not just a big man that can nod the ball down and score tap ins but he can also do some superb stuff on the deck which helps him in trying to get an England starting place and puts infront of Crouch,Heskey,Davies etc who are not as good on the deck. here I’ll go for a draw because if you play against Arsenal in the right way, you can frustrate them, and that’s what Newcastle are very good at. 0-0.

15:00: West Brom vs Manchester City. West Brom would have beaten Blackpool if they had kept all of their men on the pitch, but they didn’t and for that reason, those 2 sending offs cost them the game and so discipline is the thing that let the Baggies down. The first sending off was harsh, but you don’t go and make a challenge liek that in the corner of the pitch when your side is already down to 10-men. What was Jara thinking? Maybe he thought the ref wouldn’t send 2 people off in the first half hour. Yes, it ruined the game but atleast the ref had the guts to send him off because it was a red card offence. Man City were terrible against Wolves and got hwat they deserved. The first 20, they were excellent and maybe they thought it could be a stroll in the park for them as the first part of the match was so easy but Matt Jarvis gave City’s right back Micah Richards a torrid time and I rate Richards highly but Jarvis was top class. I’ll go for a 4th straight loss for City and a crucial Albion win. 2-1 Brommie!

16:00: Liverpool vs Chelsea. Liverpool were also terrible against Bolton but somehow won. It was a miraculous result given they played so poorely. But that’s what they need to do now. Look at the Blackburn’s, Stoke’s and Wigan’s. They don’t have the best technical players but they get the job done. Yes Liverpool have better players than those clubs but not by a lot and the Reds faithful have to respect the fact that now they are a mid-table side. This is what they need to do,grind and get wins by the odd goal. Battle, be strong and come out the other side a better team. Chelsea are just brilliant, 3 successive wins, and 7 unbeaten. They were drawing to Spartak Moscow in mid-week 0-0 at the break but in the second half they just took the gear up one or two and scored 4 great goals. That’s what their capable of doing. I think they will break their own record of the points tally in the Premir League, this season. They are the best team by far. I thought United would give them a run but obviously not, Arsenal look the best bet to catch them but I don’t think anyone will. I’ll go for a Chelsea win here but maybe for Liverpool to take the lead. 1-2.


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