Spain vs Holland, The Final Showdown……

Spain and Holland will meet in the Soccer City Stadium at precisely 7:30pm GMT time on Sunday the 11th July 2010 for the biggest prize in the world of sport. The World Cup. 2 teams who have impressed thorughout the tournament and yet two teams who have taken very different routes and strategys to getting here. However both will face off, on Sunday for what they have dreamed about there whole proffesional careers. Holland, who in 1974 in Germany were defeated by the Host nation in the final 2-1 although they did go ahead through a penalty by Dutch Ledgend Neeskens in the first minute of the match but it was not enough as goals from Breitner and the ledgend Gert Muller sealed the host nations World Cup triumph. 4 years later the dutch found themselves in the same position, in the final against the host nation, except this time it was Argentina who they had to get past, this being the world cup that maradona thought he should have been picked for, (he wasn’t) despite only being in his teens. On that day Holland were outpowered again and after clawing there way back into the game they were once again defeated 2-1 and had lost 2 world cup finals in a row. Wil it be different this time? Well not if Spain have anything to do with it who as debutants at the biggest stage, the world cup final, seem to have mateured as the tournament has gone on and are now looking like world champions should. The only disapointment for them is that Fernando Torres has not been anywhere near top form and being left out of the starting eleven in the semi against Germany could not have done any favours to his confidence. Before coming into the World Cup Torres had a record of 163 goals in 365 games which is nearly a goal every 2 games, and from him starting its under a goal every couple of games. So why hasn’t he been scoring for Spain? That’s the million pound question. I seem to think it’s that he is not the main man in the Spain attack especially since Villa scored in the game against Honduras all of the midfield players such as Silva, Iniest, Xavi, Busquets etc have been looking for him rather than Torres. Think what you want but something is just not working for him and so i would leave him out as Pedro looked very threatening in the last game. Whoever wins now probably deserves it, both have beaten big teams to get there and both, Sunday could be crowned World Champions


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I am a wannabee sports journalist and my main sports that i tend to write about are football, cycling, tennis and cricket
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