Silk Spanish fight off Gutsy Germans

On Wednesday night the European Champions Spain fought off a hungry German side to seal there place into there first ever World Cup Final. The Spanish secured the victory 17 minutes from time with a very unspanish like goal. A header from Carlos Puyol via a Andreas Iniesta corner proved vital and capped off Spain’s first ever World Cup semi-final with a win.

The game panned out how many people expected it to, with the Germans hard to break down and the Spanish dominating posession for the first half an hour. Near the end of the half the Germans forced some pressure but did not really force a troubled Casillas into having to make any saves. The second half was a very similar story although the Germans really never came into the game at all. Phillip Lahm’s side came closest to breaking the deadlock when playmaker and super talent Mesut Ozil played a delightful chip over to the back post but substitue Kroon could not convert as his effort was struck down into the gorund and it was a comfortable save for the unconvincing Spanish goalkeeper. The vital chance came though when Spain forced a corner and Andreas Iniesta found his ball in nestle in the back of the net thanks to a ferocious header which even German ledgend and spanish/english critic Franc BeckenBauer would have been proud of. The Spanish sore out the rest of the match to seal there place in the 2010 Fifa World Cup Final. They will meet a team similar to there semi-final opponents Germany, in Holland. Holland will be in there first final in 32 years and the era of Johan Cruyff whilst Spain have never competed in a World Championship final  although they will go into the bout as hot favourites against a Dutch side who many people are still not convinced about, especially at the back, despite defeating 2 of the best equipt attacking sides of the tournament in Brazil and Uruguay.  Whatever happens in the final it should be a great showdown between 2 european sides who are hungry to take the World Cup back to there home country. Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneidler, Robin Van Persie, David Villa and Andreas Iniesta should all set the match alight and Spains victory sets up a brilliant final in prospect.


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